Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FREE Scratchcard Fundraiser To Aid Katrina Survivors

What usually comes to mind when you think of a local community fundraiser? A bake sale, walk-a-thon, benefit dinner, a show or party... There's no question that these are great ways to raise funds for a cause, but they can involve a considerable amount of planning, and are usually best suited for organizations with a lot of volunteers. Smaller charitable organizations and local community groups have typically resorted to the old tradition of soliciting donations. Some will go door to door, others set up in a local mall or circulate a collection box at work.

But many charitable fundraisers are discovering another way to raise funds for local charitable causes as well as for local chapters of large non profits. For many years, schools and sports teams have been raising funds through the sales of a wide variety of items. If this works for schools, teams or scouting groups; why shouldn't it work to raise funds for a local chapter of a non profit or a national charity? Donors respond more with their wallet when they know that the money is going to support a cause. Of course, just helping out is a reward in itself, but getting something in return can fuel even more generosity. After all, we are all consumers at heart. It's only natural that fundraisers will have an easier time reaching more of us by selling products.

Looking For A Way To Help The Hurricane Katrina Victims? is helping any interested group, to raise funds quickly and communicate inspirational messages, at a time when both are needed most with Hurricane Katrina Donation Cards. Whether you already have a group, or you're planning on creating one, wants to help and will provide these cards to approved groups, absolutely free of charge. is giving away a total of $45,000 worth of fundraising products to groups who are committed to helping raise funds for the Hurricane Katrina victims. Some groups that may be interested include sports teams, church groups, youth groups, schools, even companies.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: They will provide your group with up to 20 Hurricane Katrina Donation Cards (depending on the number of fundraising participants). Distribute 1 donation card to each of your fundraisers. Each donation card has 56 scratch dots.

Step 2: You will simply ask friends, neighbors, co-workers to scratch 1 or more dots, and to pay the total of the amounts they revealed ($0.50 to $3.00 per dot). Underneath each dot, there is also a positive inspirational message. *See examples below

Step 3: Accumulate all collected funds and write a check out to Unicef, Red Cross or any other preferred non-profit organization dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Victory Cards

These cards regularly sell for $15 each, but is providing them to committed groups, absolutely free of charge. With every 20 donation cards, groups can raise $2,300 for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. is hoping to distribute up to 3,000 Hurricane Katrina Donation Cards, which could raise a total of $345,000.

Now's your chance to help! Click here to see how you can receive your FREE KATRINA DONATION CARDS.

Examples Of A Few Inspirational Messages Uncovered:

Ideas are nothing without action
Give in and you will never win
Fortune and love favor the brave
Be a friend when people most need one

-- Annie Van Bebber