Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Great Christmas Fundraiser!

Nutcracker SweetNutcracker SweetWith this unique progam you can earn substantial profits by selling The Nutcracker Sweet cookbooks at specially discounted rates- each book sold can earn your organization up to $13.00! With more profit per item than most other fund-raising drives, you can maximize your fund-raising efforts by selling a product that people will use again and again AND support the arts.
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Introducting Blogging To Social Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits

This article is a fantastic resource for non profits who want to learn more about blogging and social networks. -Annie

Steve ShuSteve ShuSteve Shu writes, "I get a real charge out of educating folks and touching people's lives. I also get a charge out of thinking about non-profits, especially having served in the past on the board as a financial offcer for a non-profit in the child care space. I'm at a point in my career where I'm focused on helping people and leaving the next-level of a legacy."

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