Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New To Fundraising? First Time Fundraising Tips

These quick and simple tips for first time fundraisers will get you on track and on your way to the first of many successful fundraisers.

  1. Decide how Much Money Your Group Needs To Raise
    This will help you evaluate products and programs that will be ideal for your group.

  2. Watch For Hidden Costs
    Don't let your group's profits disappear because of hidden costs (ex. shipping, prizes).

  3. Give Yourself And Your Group Lots Of Time To Prepare
    Select your fundraising program early. This will give you lots of time to plan. Include your fundraiser on the school or community calendars and newsletters.

  4. Timing
    Make sure to stagger the various fundraisers to avoid flooding your potential consumers and to avoid competing with other fundraisers.

  5. Set Up Specific Dates And Stick To Them
    If you avoid setting clear target dates the campaign tends to drag on and often without direction.

  6. Try To Conduct Fewer And More Effective Programs
    This will help maintain motivation and avoid "fundraising fatigue".

  7. Rely On Your Fundraising Company's Expertise
    Ask lots of questions and use your fundraising company's suggestions and advice.

  8. Stay Motivated Throughout The Program
    Some organizers tend to lose interest once the program is underway. Put a 10-12 day time limit on order taking. It's easier to stay motivated with clear goals and deadlines.

  9. Communicate Clearly Before, During And After The Program Is Put In Place
    Keep energy levels high by reminding parents, teachers and other volunteers of the fundraising goals and deadlines.

  10. Avoid Shipping And Ordering Problems
    Work closely with your volunteers and assure their order forms are legible and filled out completely.

  11. Keep Copies Of The Order Forms
    Always keep copies of the order forms before you send them to your fundraising company.

  12. Recruit Adult Volunteers Ahead Of Time
    This will make the distribution of the products to the volunteers more efficient.

  13. Double Check Products Received Against Your Order Forms
    This needs to be done before the products are given to the volunteers to ensure that nothing is damaged or missing.

  14. Keep Absent Volunteers Informed
    Don't forget to communicate the program's kick off and other important meetings to absent volunteers.

  15. Have Fun!
    A good attitude = better success!